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Hampton Vendor Finance: SELL MORE ญญญญญญญญญญญญญ— LESS RISK
Hampton Vendor Finance partners with manufacturers, distributors, resellers and retailers to build and manage broad-based customer financing programs that work.
HVF is not a broker or a consulting firm: Unlike brokers who get a finders fee for each transaction placed with lenders, or a consultant contracted to assess vendor needs, Hampton Vendor Finance is a vendor advocate that is engaged throughout the entire lender relationship process.
Acting as the vendor's out sourced customer financing team, HVF assists vendors in all aspects of their customer financing needs, ranging from closing single financing transactions to building and implementing full customer financing programs.
HVF's "AIM" methodology: Assessment, Implementation and Management, long term relationship approach, and performance based compensation, ensure goal alignment of your customer financing program's key stakeholders — your company, your customers and the lending partners.
At HVF, we understand all companies differ and that "one size does not fit all. Our "AIM" methodology ensures the best financial partners are selected to serve the varied customer financing needs by industry, geography, credit and customer type. Our success is tied to the programs we develop, implement and manage, so we are highly motivated to put our skills and experience to work in the development of the best programs available for our vendor clients.
Let Hampton Vendor Finance help your company SELL MORE with LESS RISK at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

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