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Let's face it - time and money count. By providing your customers the money they need now to purchase your products, you sell more. Whether your customers are institutions, government entities, distributors, resellers or consumers, HVF can set up the right customer financing program so you can SELL MORE.
HVF does it all. From standard trade terms, credit and collection services, equipment leasing, purchase order financing, inventory financing and accounts receivable funding to consumer loans, HVF can build and manage the right programs that are sure to succeed.
From fully integrated programs, starting with the manufacturer and through the entire supply chain - (distributor, reseller and ultimate end user), to ala carte solutions Our one-stop shopping for customer financing gives you and your customers immediate access to the best, customized lending programs available.
We all know it - In today's competitive environment, financing is a customer expectation. It is no longer a luxury it is a necessity. Setting up and managing financing programs with multiple lenders can be a big drain on internal resources. And handing off your precious customers to transaction brokers who have no vested interest in your customer relationship is a very risky proposition.
With HVF, your customer financing worries are gone, giving you more time to focus on selling and cultivating relationships with LESS RISK.

Sell More, Less Risk, at No Additional Cost

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