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Michael Hampton, Founder and President
Mike Hampton has more than 25 years experience in corporate finance and a background steeped in customer financing. Mike has successfully established in-house financing operations that reflect an understanding of today's and tomorrow's complex market forces. He founded Hampton Vendor Finance in 2003.
Years of service with tech bellweathers have contributed to Mike's in-depth experience in financial services. Prior to launching Hampton Vendor Finance, he served as the General Manager of Cisco Systems Capital Corp and the General Manager of Juniper Networks Credit Corporation, where he established the capability to provide corporate customer financing on a global scale at both companies. Most notably, his team at Cisco achieved a $4 billion annual financing rate. Prior to Cisco and Juniper, Mr. Hampton managed the financial services units and held controllership roles at Apple Computer and Xerox.
A graduate of Ohio State University, Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.
Phone: 650-574-1729
Email: mhampton@hvfinance.com
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Thomas Mace, Managing Director, Working Capital and Credit Insurance
With over 20 years experience and an extensive background in cross-border financings throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia, Tom Mace brings with him a strong working capital markets perspective and experience in inventory financing and structured credit insurance transactions.
Most recently, Tom worked for EIA Global. While there, he focused on transactions involving arbitraging credit and political risk. Prior to EIA, he served as Manager, Working Capital Products, for Cisco Systems Capital in San Jose. Before that, Tom worked for Deutsche Financial Services, first establishing distributor channel financing for Cisco Systems, and later managing a dedicated, pan-European Cisco team from his base of operations in Amsterdam.
Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Phone: 330-351-3264
Email: tmace@hvfinance.com
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