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Hampton Vendor Finance partners with manufacturers, distributors, resellers and retailers to build and manage broad-based customer financing programs that work.

Order to Cash Management
HVF provides our clients the best in Order to Cash Management. Through our partners, we provide our clients the most innovative, technologically advanced receivable programs available today.
Accounts Receivable Outsourcing
As an HVF client, you will get a detailed analysis of your portfolios to help you maximize your cost reduction and improve your process design. You will have access to customized solution using specialized tools including:
  • Creating customized treatment schedules
  • Implementing best practices
  • Increasing productivity through automation
  • Implementing a dispute resolution team
  • Developing escalation paths
  • Creating a seamless extension of your in-house departments
  • Increasing cash flow and reducing DSO
Accounts Receivable Reconciliation
Reduce your aging due to unresolved debit memo and short payments while lowering your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). We can enhance your customer service relations while resolving your outstanding issues quickly and effectively. Customized tracking systems are designed to locate the root causes to gain better visibility of current reconciliation issues and to generate reports to help locate potential exposure. Some benefits include:
  • A dedicated resolution team
  • Resolution of chargebacks and collections from issues such as RMAs (Returned Merchandise Authorization) volume discounts, debit balances, and advanced allowances
  • Proprietary software designed to streamline the reconciliation process
  • Documentation of undivided valid credits
  • A seamless extension of your in-house departments
Cash Application
Services offered include the capability to process all incoming deposits such as cash, checks, or credit card payments, accompanied by tailor-made cash and daily reconciliation reports that ensure accuracy and ease of audits. The Cash Application Program offered is specifically designed to interact with various accounting programs and lock box data for our client's convenience.

For more information on how HVF can customize an inventory financing program that meets your specific needs please CLICK HERE and Tom Mace, our Managing Director, Short Term Financing will contact you. For Tom Mace's background CLICK HERE.

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