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Hampton Vendor Finance: SELL MORE ­­­­­­­­­­­­­— LESS RISK
Hampton Vendor Finance partners with manufacturers, distributors, resellers and retailers to build and manage broad-based customer financing programs that work.

Inventory Financing
By working with Hampton Vendor Finance ("HVF") manufacturers and distributors of products can engage a professional team with over 50 years experience cultivating strong industry relationships, managing financial partners and pioneering successful, customer-focused inventory financing programs.
Customized Inventory Financing Programs
Inventory financing enables your company to leverage inventory and sell through to your end-users without having to maintain outstanding receivables. Our inventory financing programs are customized to meet the varied needs of distributors and resellers.
  • Improve working capital
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer credit lines
Dedicated Program Partners
We've selected the best lending partners based upon their specific expertise and provide a funding network to cover every customer's inventory financing requirement.
By working with HVF, vendors can market large company captive financial services regardless of size. Our solid funding framework gives your company the competitive advantage of providing a complete financing offering to your customers.
Example: A large manufacturer sells mainly through distribution. Terms offered to their distributors are strictly net 30. The distributor needs to have 45 days of inventory in stock to make sure that all its orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. Due to cash flow constraints and company policy, the manufacturer is unable to offer the 45-day repayment terms to the distributor. The distributor is unhappy and the manufacturer’s competition is willing to offer the 45-day terms. What’s the solution?
A third party inventory financing program is established that gives the distributor the credit line and 45-day terms needed while guarantying that the manufacturer receives payment for invoices at day 30. The distributor is able to become more efficient at fulfilling orders; the manufacturer sells more product without affecting their cash flow or credit risk; a competitive threat is averted and a customer is satisfied.
Best Outsourced Solution: AIM (Assess, Implement, Manage)
HVF's approach is to fully assess client goals and needs, implement the appropriate programs with the best financial partners and manage programs to ensure maximum results. Given our proven success in building and managing captive finance companies, we provide a true vendor's perspective to outsourced customer financing.

For more information on how HVF can customize an inventory financing program that meets your specific needs please CLICK HERE and Tom Mace, our Managing Director, Short Term Financing will contact you. For Tom Mace's background CLICK HERE.

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